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    A message from the Commissioner:

    In response to recent national tragedies on school campuses The Nassau County Police Department School Resource Program was created in 2018. The goal of the program is to coordinate a myriad of resources available from the Nassau County Police Department. By working together, we are able to engage in a collaborative endeavor to make our schools more secure. School Resource Coordinators from Nassau County Police Department Homeland Security have been assigned to make outreach to every district to help facilitate this effort.   Homeland Security works with Patrol officers and Problem Oriented Policing (POP) officers to provide regular visits at our schools.    NCPD Homeland Security School Resource Coordinators work with both public and private schools to facilitate training and Security plan development.    NCPD Homeland Security is also available to visit school campuses to help develop strategies to harden the campus through the incorporation of physical security enhancements such as landscaping, bollards and access control. Surveillance systems are reviewed and best practices are provided for target hardening.

    Knowledge is power and the sharing of timely information allows for informed decisions. Through our NCPD Alert program we strive to deliver real-time information to our trusted partners in school administration.  This includes police activity that may impact schools and potential threats outside the school campus. We also maintain a School Desk for direct access to our Homeland Security team.   

    Through our RAVE Program Schools are able to instantaneously alert the Police.  The RAVE Program has been implemented in all 56 public school districts to provide enhanced notification to the police department of a life-threatening event. This ear­ly alert system provides rapid notification to staff and law enforcement thus reducing our response time. Active shooter events are time-driven typically only lasting 8-10 minutes. The Police Department’s goal is to take time away from the attacker and rapidly respond to attacks.

    The Nassau County Police Department, as part of its commitment to protect and serve the County's residents, supports the outstanding efforts of Nassau BOCES in coordinating the Nassau Schools Emergency Planning Consortium. This partnership provides participants with access to valuable information concerning prevention, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. By promoting pre-planning and awareness, this site enhances the ability of school districts to deal with unplanned events.

    I have instructed my team that “We cannot miss”.  The consequences of a school shooting are so great that we must prevent it from occurring.  To that end we continue to investigate all school related incidents and insure that there is an appropriate resolution.


    For more information, contact Homeland Security at 516-573-9788 or hsctmembers@pdcn.org.


    The mission of the Nassau County Police Department:
    To serve the people of Nassau County and to provide safety and improved quality of life in our communities through excellence in policing.



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